alt-J - U&ME

19 juin 2022

The new album The Dream is out everywhere now: Producer: Mr. Mr. Films Director: Prosper Unger-Hamilton Subscribe for more official content from alt-J: Lyrics Summer holiday having fun, Happiness is between two buns, Feeling funky on a rolling boil, Smiles bend all over, can’t control how I feel, It’s just you and me now. Round of kimonos for my girls in the sun, Sending videos to friends in London, Strut like Stellan Skarsgård to and from the bar, Play my candy tangerine Telecaster, It’s just you and me now. Two hot palms pressing down on my face, Dragged by my sockets to a better place, Flashing in the dark, my luminescent tongue, Summer holiday having fun, It’s just you and me now. I could hold onto the memory of that day for the rest of my life. Follow alt-J


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